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on Oct 29, 2012 in B&W Photography

Mono Amazing Weekend!

This past weekend was simply great! We held our last Mono Lake Workshop for the year with simply a really great group of photographers! Lots of great shooting, laughs, teaching and of course, gorgeous Eastern Sierra weather. I’m always intrigued how each workshop seems to have its own tone, theme and techniques that want to be learned. They are never the same and this weekend had its own. In that process, I get in a couple of clicks here and there. We had two very different mornings with one being pretty typical of no clouds and another with some high, scattered clouds.

A number of folks asked about me and clouds. They’d noticed I shoot a lot of them and on occasion, they turn out pretty good. So they asked what was my secret. There is really only one, and that’s selecting the clouds and matching them with the subject. Clouds tend to have a pattern to them, a pattern that “points” to something. So the trick is having an interesting something. Once you recognize that, you then just have to decide how you want to wrap the bow on it. In this case, D4, 18AF with Silver Efex Pro is how I decided to wrap a bow on it. Oh ya, I started with a 5 image handheld HDR assembled using Nik HDR Pro. mtc