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on Oct 31, 2012 in Landscape Photography

The Landscape with Stars

Ever seen those photos of the landscape with a sky full of stars rather than sunshine? I have and when I can, I take them. The problem is, they often don’t turn out all the great. This is the first ones I’ve done with the D4 and I was really impressed by what it was producing. Along with that was just the right combination of lunar and sun light. Pointing the camera northwest from the South Tufa parking lot, you could get a little bit of Mono Lake, Sierra Crest and the heavens.

The 24f1.4AFS was still attached, lens set to infinity with gaffers tape holding the focus, ISO to 1600 at f/2.8. I kept lookin around as the shutter was open because the clouds were constantly moving. Seeing a cool scattering, I turned to the southwest and shot. I like htis one because the outhouse airstacks in the photo look like some old western cabin chimney. Opps…did I ruin the illusion for you? These top two photos are moon light influenced.

This bottom photo is sun influenced. Now if you were standing with us and looking to the east, you would have barely, barely seen the glow on the horizon. But an 8sec exposure, it can see it no problem and that’s part of the trick. It’s kind of a balancing act between stars, sun and landscape. This turned out though really cool as fas as I’m concerned because we can see Mono Lake, stars and Area 51 in the east. The perfect way to start the day! If you want to learn this and more about photographing the stars, be sure to join us for our Star Trails Workshop in 2013!