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on Oct 30, 2012 in Landscape Photography

NY Skyline – Just a Week Ago

With Sandy pounding on this amazing architecture, I just wanted to show it in the gorgeous light that also shines on the Big Apple. All the photos were taken on the B&H / Lexar Photofloat just a week ago on a gorgeous day sandwiched in between two very stormy days. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all on the Eastcoast being pounded by Mother...

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on Oct 30, 2012 in Landscape Photography

The Grand Lady

The Statue of Liberty is so iconic, so majestic, so New York and simply SO cool to photograph! During our B&H / Lexar Photofloat, we had the opportunity to go right up to the Grand Lady for an up close frontal shoot. The skies were perfect as we floated past and if I had any compliant, we couldn’t stop too long in any one place so the background was constantly changing from our movement. With the Nikon D4 and Nikon 70-200VR2, I shot as fast as I could when I had a moment between talking to folks. And in the process, that internal strife kicked in, Vertical or Horizontal format? I shot both ways many times as the background kept changing. I liked what I got but I say on some other photographer’s LCD better shots as they shot at times I couldn’t It was interesting to see that of all the shots I liked of the others, they were all, 100% horizontal format. The background is...

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on Oct 29, 2012 in Landscape Photography

Fall Color Backlight

Our snow storm last week cleaned out a lot of the remaining fall color on the eastside. There are a couple of pockets of color though, those areas that were protected from our fierce winds. During our weekend workshop, we visited one such pocket of color and as you can see, it was bursting! Well, it was for about a block as on either end, it was just bare trees. Now how do you approach such a shooting opportunity? Normally fall color is captured at some distance and is just an element in a photograph. This calls for distance and long glass or up close with wide angle. But if in a scenario like this, if you ask yourself that all important question, “What’s the subject?” you might come up with a different answer in telling the story of the moment. If in a canyon there is one small spot that is an explosion of color, how do you say explosion of color? Personally, I get in close physically...

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on Oct 29, 2012 in B&W Photography

Mono Amazing Weekend!

This past weekend was simply great! We held our last Mono Lake Workshop for the year with simply a really great group of photographers! Lots of great shooting, laughs, teaching and of course, gorgeous Eastern Sierra weather. I’m always intrigued how each workshop seems to have its own tone, theme and techniques that want to be learned. They are never the same and this weekend had its own. In that process, I get in a couple of clicks here and there. We had two very different mornings with one being pretty typical of no clouds and another with some high, scattered clouds. A number of folks asked about me and clouds. They’d noticed I shoot a lot of them and on occasion, they turn out pretty good. So they asked what was my secret. There is really only one, and that’s selecting the clouds and matching them with the subject. Clouds tend to have a pattern to them, a pattern that “points” to something. So the trick is having...

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on Oct 26, 2012 in Aviation, Just Out!

Taking Flight – Simply Blown Away!

Taking Flight – Your Start in Aviation Photography bought in 13 countries, that is so cool! Folks continue to buy and best of all, write us about out ground breaking iBook from around the globe. It is just so cool! Many have found it’s a photography book just as much about photography as it is about aviation photography and that was the whole idea. Most are really digging how Brent put it together making learning funnier, cooler and easier. That was the idea as well. And many have found the offer earlier this month about receiving an autographed cover when they email me their iTunes receipt asking if we”re still making that offer. How can I say no to all of those great emails! As long as you’re in North America (sorry, mailing out of country is just too expensive anymore), email me your receipt up until 11.03.12 and we’ll send you an autographed cover (those who did so in the last couple of weeks, your covers go out...

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