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on Nov 30, 2012 in WRP Ed Zone

2013 Moose Workshops / Classes & a Gift

Star Trails – Alabama Hills, CA Feb 15-17 Photoshop for Shooters – Mammoth Lakes, CA April 27-28 Mono Lake – Mammoth Lakes, CA May 17-19 Short Lens Course – Mammoth Lakes, CA 22-23 June Photo Bi$ – Mammoth Lakes, CA 13-14 July Photoshop for Shooters – Mammoth Lakes, CA 28-29 Sept Mono Lake – Mammoth Lakes, CA 19-20 Oct Short Lens Course – Mammoth Lakes, CA 2-3 November There are all based in the beautiful Eastern Sierras, a region John Muir called the Range of light. A photographers paradise, it’s here waiting for you and your passion! Sharon & I wanted to make signing up a little more special so for those who sign up for one of these workshops before 31 Dec, 2012 will receive a 22×17 autographed print of their choice (an image you find on either of my two websites that I’ve taken). Now, you can keep the print or give it to someone as a gift this Christmas. To sign up, give Sharon a call...

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on Nov 30, 2012 in Technology

D4 Firmware Update – And Thanks!

The D4 firmware I’v been waiting for is out (thanks Adam!). It takes care of a number of thing (see below) but the most important is the “chatter” you occasionally got shooting with the 200-400. You can download it here! Modifications enabled with firmware, release date July 4, 2012 An issue that caused the camera to freeze when attempting to format a memory card (setup menu>Format memory card) while the camera was connected to a network in HTTP server mode has been resolved. Format memory card can now be added to My Menu. Gamut for Adobe RGB images displayed in the camera’s monitor has been changed. This enables more vivid display of images. The stability of network connections when the FTP upload option is selected has been increased. When recording movies using a lens with an aperture ring in [P] or [S] exposure mode, and Aperture ring selected for Custom Setting f10: Customize command dials>Aperture setting, the minimum aperture was applied. This issue has been resolved. When a still...

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on Nov 29, 2012 in Moose's Camera Bag

Keeping them Digits Warm

A really good question that comes in a lot, especially this time of year is “What gloves do you use? Back in the day, I would haunt every outdoor store I ventured by and gleaned the glove display trying to find the glove that kept my hands warm and permited me to shoot. Then our sons got into xcross skiing and I found the Swix gloves and fell in love. From past experience, I bought 3 pairs which until this last fall lasted me for 9yrs. Went to try and find them and found they were discontinued. The closet thing I found was B, Swix Narvik Gloves. This was after I found the A, Mountain Biker Gloves. Now I like these gloves but in the beginning, they were stiff as a board. They have a special material on the top to cut the wind and that works but after four months of shooting, they are just starting to break in. These are the gloves I always have in my...

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on Nov 29, 2012 in B&W Photography

My Gas Mileage Sucked!

You’d think for a guy who’s been on the road for three months, he might just stay home after just getting home. What can I say, moss doesn’t grow under my %&#)&.With a presentation in Los Angeles and a “big” snow storm coming in, Sharon & I threw the dogs in the truck and headed south to the warm home of our marvelous friends. I’ve written many times and shared many an image from the Eastern Sierra when a storm rolls in. The skies, the light, the texture, the mood is just something else. Not every storm is the same, each has its own character and this one was no different. This one had wicked winds and at two different altitudes which created some amazing skies. The big problem was, I would be driving and see some amazing photo but by the time I found a place to pullover, the winds had scrambled everything. I would stop, scene changed so I went then stopped again, get out and shoot,...

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on Nov 28, 2012 in Aviation

Great Piece Jake!

I sat down by the fire last night with the latest magazines from Mr. Postman and the first one I opened, I said, “I recognize that photo.” Sure enough, the great front and rear cover and inside spread of the latest Dispatch is by Jake. To see the piece, you need to be a member of CAF, a very worthwhile organization. Great job...

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