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on Nov 7, 2012 in Landscape Photography

Light & Time, a Favorite Subject




You just never know what a day will present you! I look at the weather, I look at the radar, I look what’s out on the horizon, look at dew point and with all of that, life is what life brings. We took off early from Freeport and headed down to the Portland Head Light which is a favorite of mine. Its lines, position on the point and water seem to be placed just for us photographers. The only trick is being in the right place at the right time for the light. We were let in early so we could be in place as the very first light hit the sky. Shooting with the D4 and 24-70AFS, I had the Schneider .09 split grad screw-in filter attached, I started clicking at -2 exp comp from the get go. And for the first 30min, there wasn’t a whole lot of change in the light, the subject, the photograph. Then at 07:01 it was as good as it was going to get from this perspective, for this gear, for these settings. At 07:03 the show was over. And that’s what gets me every time. I mean, months of planning, phone calls, email, setting alarms, following GPS, praying the gate is open like it’s supposed to be, no rain, get in place and the final reward is a 6sec exp burning up of a bunch of pixels. And with that click, we pat ourselves on the back for winning that prediction game. And that evening, we do it all over again at some other locale. Anyone truly watching us photographers, they would not be wrong thinking we’re nuts, truly nuts! Here’s to going nuts tomorrow!