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on Nov 8, 2012 in Landscape Photography

I Keep Lookin, but No Batman!

Every time I’m in NYC, I comeback with a really stiff neck. That’s because I’m always looking up! We were there just before the storm (still really concerned for so many there) and as always, we were out at night walking and looking up. I see those towers shooting up into the sky and I just love the lines, light and shapes. And when the clouds drop down, I get the feeling of being in Gotham and that at any moment, super heroes will appears.

And as usual, I had a camera on my shoulder, this night is was a D4 (ISO800) and 24f1.4 AFS. The top shot was the first shot and I try to make the best shot the first shot because often in NYC, that’s the only one you’re going to get. This time I had the luxury of making a second shot and you can see what I changed. I went vertical.I like the vertical much better because of the elimination of the building on the let and the extra drama accentuating its height and being lost in the clouds. But I had the luxury of an extra minute so went for one more shot.

I should have stopped while I was ahead! By trying to get tighter on the bldg I included a bldg on the right and that just doesn’t work. Sharon & I have fond memories of the Big Apple and look forward to being back there in the spring. Know that Sharon & I have you in our heart and prayers and the Am Red Cross had heard from us a few times in the last week. Best to all!