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on Nov 9, 2012 in B&W Photography

Shootin Down the Road

A few years back, Sharon & I started a new tradition of spending Veteran’s Day down in Mesa, AZ. With snow knocking at the front door, we got in the truck and headed down the road. It was a gorgeous day to drive through the desert! With D800 / 24-70f2.8 AFS in my lap, we dumped the dogs off with the sitters and off we went!

Now when I say, “Shootin down the road,” I mean just that. The window goes down, the camera gets stuck out and the motordrive goes clickin away. I started doing this long ago because there never seems to be a place to pullover when I see the shot. And if there is, it’s never where I want to stop or, I go by it so fast, it’s too late when I see it. So, I go shooting down the road!

I’ve gotten real good at sighting over the lens barrel, guessing pretty closely to the framing and then laying on the shutter release to take a whole bunch of frames. Leveling I have down because of how I rest the camera on my left arm, old habit. Finishing was real simple, Silver Efex Pro 2. mtc…