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on Nov 13, 2012 in Aviation

Oh Ya – Friends Make it Happen!

It’s all about storytelling! I’ve got this great friend Dale who loves aircraft and the romance of flight more than me. When I say we’re coming down, he always rearranges his schedule (and his brother Brian’s as well who is also a huge inspiration!) so we can play with planes. Well the two brothers have this crazy DC-3, the exterior I still don’t understand but the interior is from the days when this plane was the corporate sled for the Hoover Vacuum corp. I’ve been working on this series of aviation images so a bit more of their historical romance comes out. Many a DC-3 served as C-47s in the Pacific taking off with important personal in bigtime storms. How do you do say all of that visually?

Well, first you start with a piece of the airport that you can operate in and thankfully, I have the support of the AZ Wing of the CAF. Next, I have Dale & Brian, great friends who have the planes and knowledge. Lastly, I have the Mesa Fire Dept, great guys!!! The first time we did this earlier this year, we had just the captain in the truck, Dale & Rick with the plane and me at the camera. This time Dale, Brian, Rick & Chris were in the plane, the Capt came with not just 1 truck but TWO and with the whole dept! And a heck of a lot of the Wing was present to watch the show because it is simply just FUN! The process once all is in place is pretty simple, the fire dept puts down 1500 gallons of water, the engines turn and I shoot. This is a simple click, D4 / 24-70AFS @f/11 3sec. The fun comes not only from the DC-3 but all the friends that make it happen. To all, I thank you for the fun and friendship! And hopefully in the process, there’s a little storytelling going on.