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on Nov 13, 2012 in Aviation

Photography is Sooo Much Better With Friends!

While they’re mostly nuts like me, I’ve got some great friends who support my photography and I’m very grateful for that! These are some of them, the great guys of the Arizona Ground Crew. At 05:30 on the first freezing morning in Phoenix of the year, they are present and accounted for at the AZ Wing of the CAF to do their schtick! What’s is it they do? “We are agroup of living historians dedicated to keeping the memory alive and educating the public and the military of the great sacrifices and long hours of work done by the ground crews of World War Two”. And those who know me know I love history.

In the short time we shot together this morning, I filed over 900 images! They simply don’t stop unless you tell them to, they are constant activity! Both of these shots are set ups, the top is their version of a group portrait and the bottom is their version of a coffee break. I placed the ladders in the top photo and they did the rest and the bottom, I placed the table and they did the rest. The whole time, the D4 / 70-200VR2 are on a tripod as I learned long ago that handholding when shooting these guys is impossible. Why? I am laughing too much the whole time! Everything about them from overalls to pencil are all authentic WWII issue gear and their knowledge of the gear, aircraft and verbage transports you back in time. I can’t thank them enough for once again coming out and all we have planned for the future! mtc