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on Nov 14, 2012 in Aviation

Always Feels Good to Get in Practice!

The art of panning, it’s simple something I’ve gotta practice over and over again. Whenever I get the opportunity, not matter whether I think I will keep the images or not, I will simply shoot as long as I can.

Even if I don’t think I will keep the images, I work on making them perfect. This means watching the background, position of the subject in the frame and most importantly, the panning technique. In this case, shooting the D4 / 200-400VR2 handheld @ 1/50 (Shutter Speed Priority), using proper handholding, I pushed myself shooting at the slow shutter speed. Since the props wasn’t being lit with front light, prop blur wasn’t the priority. Practicing my panning and getting a sharp image at a slow shutter speed was.

I was disappointed that my keeper rate dropped to 72% for this practice session. One of my own personal issues is to remember to pull the camera tight against my forehead and assume it as the same this session. That’s because the next day I went out and reminding myself to pull the camera back, my keeper rate went up to 89%. That’s why I practice and recommend others do the same. There is nothing worse then to have that great action shot on your monitor and it not being sharp!