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on Nov 18, 2012 in Aviation

The Whole 9 Yards

I have one fatal flaw, I’m real lazy when it comes to flash. I mean, if it’s a critter I’m all over flash if I need it but otherwise, I just can’t get with the program. While I had it all in the truck, I prefer to find the light that works and use it instead of doing what I really should do and that’s get the lighting gear out. So a week ago when worings with my buds from the AZ Grnd Crew, when I saw the light in front of Maid in the Shade, with D4 / 70-200VR2 (@f/2.8), I grabbed Murph and did the whole nine yards. For those who do not know where the saying “The Whole Nine Yards” comes from, it’s WWII term. When the fighter pilots wanted to know if their ammo was loaded, they would ask, “Do I have the whole nine yards” because that’s how long the entire belt of 50cal happened to be. They could have asked, “Do I have the whole 80lbs” because that’s how much the belt weighs, but that doesn’t sound as good. As for Murph, he was two inches shorter after this shoot, but it turned out good, even if no flash was used.