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on Nov 19, 2012 in Aviation

Tight Or Story?

Jeff has this great, authentic radio operator uniform that we normally have him don once the light starts to get hard. We then typically get out the light modifiers, flash and other “stuff” to deal with the light. I simply wasn’t in the mood this morning so I started to look around at my options for shooting without working hard (what a horrible attitude!). Jeff was over by the door to “Sentimental Journey” when I asked the AZ CAF folks if the hatch could be opened so Jeff could hop in.

Shooting with the D4 / 70-200VR2, when I put the camera to my eye, I wanted to tell the story of a young officer getting on board and ready for a flight. With the DC-3 / C-47 in the background, to me is seems like a believable recreation of a 1940’s airfield occurrence. So I worked Jeff in the hatch doorway along with the DC-3 in the background to make the shot. I asked Jeff if he was OK holding himself in this awkward position because I just had a what if moment. I says to myself, “I wonder if while I’m here I should shoot tight?” I wanted to tell the visual story of a time gone by, but then the light though hard was not so bad for just the portrait. So then I started to physically move in closer.

As it turns out, I kinda like them all. But it leaves me with a problem for the further. Do I set up for the story or for tight? If I had brought in flash, set up for the story would have been different from tight. And could always for with no flash like this time but I know that more times then not, I need flash. It could be argued, and I wouldn’t disagree, that flash inside the belly of Sentimental Journey would have helped this photo series. This is not my strong suit when it comes to photography, so I keep shooting, thinking, shooting and working towards finding a solution for my style that, well, is simply the easiest for when I’m shooting on the move.