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on Dec 4, 2012 in Wildlife Photography

Grizzly Bear Adventure – An Opening

Life does get in the way of life so we have 1 opening in our Grizzly Bear Adventure in 2013. Now this isn’t your normal, run of the mill grizzly bear shoot. I’m not even saying where I’m taking folks as it’s not a place photographers normally get to venture to. It’s rather unique, it a locale where you’re just as likely to see and photograph wolves as your are griz. For me, watching these two top predators use the same area is fascinating as all get out and photographically makes for some unique opportunities.

Don’t snooze and let this opportunity pass you by! The beauty of the locale, you really don’t need more than a 200-400 lens, a big appetite (great food) and the desire to see wild, unspoiled Alaska. Click on the big box to the right if you need more info or just call Sharon (who is going as well) @ 760.924.8632 to join us!