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on Dec 5, 2012 in Field Reports

Share the Season Contest – Idea #2

Our snow storm this past weekend brought all sorts of ideas to my head to share with you for my Share the Season photo contest (did I tell you I’ve giving away a brand new D600 as the prize?). So I grabbed the D4 and 50f1.4 AFS and rushed outside in the storm. What you see here then us the thought process for creating the final image that would be the one used in the contest (I might just enter myself…kidding). Keep in mind, the story behind the photo is just as important as the photo.

After working to keep the blowing snow off the front element, I made an exposure for the trees more than the snow. What does that mean? I shot with no exposure compensation, I wanted the blacks in the wet tree trunks and branches. With that, I went into ACR and processed normally except I changed the Contrast which I normally never do. I then took that photo in Photoshop and used Silver Efex Pro 2 just like I demo in the videos on the site there. This was all pretty cut and dry stuff. And as it stands, that B&W photo of snow works perfectly for Share the Season photo contest. But I wanted to add a little extra touch.

So I went and created the red ornament and starburst (hard to see in this small version) in Photoshop (plenty of tutorial online how to accomplish this). The only difficult thing for me is deciding where to hang that ornament. It literally took me 20min and lots of “placements” to decide where you see it here. And it might move in the next version. But that’s all part of the contest, sharing how you saw, made and created the photo. Still working on the website for posting so keep shooting! mtc