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on Dec 11, 2012 in Field Reports

Share the Season – Idea#4 Bias the Judge

There are some great images already submitted for the Share the Season photo contest. Even better are some of the stories, I’m loving them! And we’ve just begun, we have over a month of time for more entries. I’m excited! The one thing I’m surprised about though it the lack wildlife photos. I mean, if you want to get the judges attention, wildlife photos is the way to go. Of course, great light never hurts.

This Mule Deer doe was photographed up in Yellowstone a number of winters ago. Across the cyn, everyone was focused in on the bighorns, it was quite a commotion! I didn’t want any part of that mess so I was just lookin around when I spotted her just chillin. It was a real simple click, D3, 200f2 VR2. Always loved this shot.