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on Dec 11, 2012 in Field Reports

Sharing the Season – Gorgeous Light!

(c) Michelle Johnson

I just LOVE the light! On the girls, the tree, the wall, it has just a rich, warm, seasonal glow, Michelle created a gorgeous photo! Of course, I love the camera she used, check out her story from the Share the Season photo contest

Our extended family all came together for Thanksgiving and my girl was able to see her cousin that she doesn’t get to see often. They were off exploring together and I found them sitting by the Christmas tree looking at the nativity under the tree and gabbing, you know how little kids do! I listened closer and I heard my girl telling her little cousin all about how Jesus was born. It was one of those moments as a parent you are proud that they actually listen, and it was difficult to keep from laughing at the seriousness in which she shared the story!

I shot this with the quickest camera I could get to in the moment, my iPhone, in my sister’s living room in good old potato country Idaho. November 24, 2012.