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on Dec 12, 2012 in Field Reports

Share the Season – I’m Enjoying This!

(c) Lisa McClenthan

(c) Lisa McClenthan

Having a great time with the Share the Season photo contest! Some truly marvelous images like Lisa’s snowy New York barn. She originally posted the photo and a made a simple suggestion that might make the image stronger and a heartbeat later, she had the image reposted and you see it here. Being that I live in snow country, I love these kinds of photos where the sky is gone but your can see the snow falling. Very well done. Here’s the story behind the photo.

I was driving in my hometown on a country road during the first snowfall of the season. This old barn sits close to the road on a corner and no one really pays much attention to it, other than the farmer who stores his tractor in it. As I rounded the corner I noticed the gray colors up against the snow driven white and loved the composition. So I pulled over and snapped a quick photo. To my surprise I realized from my photo how much character this old barn really has. I have a new appreciation for it.

Camera: Olympus SP-600UZ, Lens: Olympus 5.0-75.00mm, Location: Vernon, NY