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on Dec 14, 2012 in Camera Tech

Nikon 70-200f4 VR3 – Squirreling Around


I’ve had the 70-200f4 VR3 for a few days now. I’ve had just a couple of opportunities to squirrel around with it as I’m deep in writing my next book. Now many faithful 70-200f2.8 owners have chimed in they are happy with their f2.8 and that’s great, that’s not why I’m talking about this lens though. This lens does a number of things the f/2.8 does not do: focuses much closer, closes down to f/32, weighs nearly 2lbs less and costs less (but comes without tripod collar). Two of these features are important to me, MFD and f/32. They solve very specific photographic issues I have. Some have asked what about the f/4 & f/2.8, don’t you need the speed? I would ask, how many owners of the f/2.8 shoot at f/2.8? Most don’t because either they read they shouldn’t or they think they need to close down for DOF yet paid a lot of money for that f/2.8. Acquiring gear has to solve two major issues in my camera bag, do something very important any other piece of gear can’t and gear lust. So far in my limited shooting, the 70-200VR3 does both so I’m happy.