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on Dec 17, 2012 in Landscape Photography

A Matter of Time


So much of my photography are “what if” moments. That’s when I ask myself, “What if” I did this or that? During our brief snow shower yesterday, I headed out with the D4 (my preferred body) and 70-200f4 VR3 to make a couple of clicks. The snow was backlit by the sun so shooting against something dark made individual flakes stand out from each other. I shot at 1/40 because I wanted to blur the movement of the snow because in the wind, it seems to dance to me.


Then I wondered just how the snow was actually moving so I opened up the lens to shot at 1/200. To me, there is a bunch of difference! To make both of these images, I did rip a whole bunch, about 20+ of each. That’s because the pattern the snowflakes would make is something I couldn’t see in the viewfinder. I made the selection of my “favorite” in post looking through the multiple captures.