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on Dec 19, 2012 in Wildlife Photography

Favorite Winter Photos – Big Game Mammals

Dall Sheep 0591

I’m often asked what is my “favorite” image. I’m incredibly fortunate that life has presented an amazing number of grand opportunities permitting me to have a number of favorite images. With the Bison image I posted yesterday, I had a couple of folks asking if it was my favorite winter shot. That had me thinking what I might consider my favorites for big game in winter. I couldn’t find just one and even three doesn’t quite cover it but it gets me close. This first photo was taken at -10 up in the Yukon territory with a D1H and 400f2.8 AFS. I’m looking down slope and the background for this Dall Sheep ram is a lake. It was snowing, cold and gorgeous and that probably makes it one of my favorite photographs more than the photograph itself. That was a great week!

Polar Bear 1136

It wasn’t nearly that cold when we were up in the Arctic with Polar Bears. In fact, it was bloody warm, so warm you see the Beaufort Sea and not pack ice! And that’s what I was thinking about when I saw this male walking the beach. It was like it was lost, couldn’t figure out which way to turn and was all alone. Of course I was projecting all of these feelings onto this poor male. We watched it stroll until we could see it no more except the lonely flock of gulls that followed it. To this day, for me it reminds me of the fate of this majestic northern traveler. This was a real simple D2xs / 70-200 shot.

Rocky Mtn Bighorn 10507

Bighorn Sheep are just cool! They live such a simplistic, complicated life and depending on when you find them, it’s one or the other. This winter scene was definitely the simplistic when just walking the slope and munching was all that mattered. This big curl ram was fun to watch as he went wherever he wanted to and the younger rams just parted. He was a real easy shot to make as he walked on past us up on the slope. He would stop only long enough to see what the rest of the herd was up to. This is a D3, 200-400VR2 click. And like I said, this aren’t like killer images of a lifetime, just favorites from my winter travels that have great memories.