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on Dec 22, 2012 in Field Reports

Share the Season – This Lit’l Piggie

(c) Rodger Kueck

(c) Rodger Kueck

Rodger simply has a great image! Just soak it in. Here’s the story behind it

This is our oldest daughter “helping” us sting Christmas lights. Our second child was due the following March. We decided to use that years Christmas card to tell our friends and family if we were expecting a boy or another girl. Borrowing from the old mastercard ad campaign, the card read:
1 string of Christmas lights: $3.00
A large bag of M&M’s to keep her on the couch: $4.00
Finding out she’ll have a little sister next Christmas: Priceless.
Canon 350, Kit lens 18-55 @ 35mm, ISO 400, 1/8s @ f/4.5