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on Jan 31, 2013 in Field Reports

Share the Season Contest Winners!

When it comes to winners, I think I am with this contest as I was rewarded with more great images and stories than I ever thought possible! But when it comes to images, the Grand Prize Winner receiving the brand new D600 is Cipriano who’s image truly captured everything about the contest in one click and paragraph. Congratulations!!! And the winner of the Lexar SD 400x cards is Karen with this really well done photo of frost! I truly wish I had a hundred more prizes to hand out because I felt there were a hundred winners! I can’t thank all you enough for sharing your photographs and stories with all of us and hope to encourage you to continue to do so the whole year! Thanks...

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on Jan 28, 2013 in Wildlife Photography

Be Vary, Vary Picky!

Wildlife photography is just like Christmas morning quite often. You find that great subject and just like a kid on Christmas morning you just start wrippin and in the end, you have just the one present. The problem is the leftover pile of paper you have to clean up afterwards. The problem though for the wildlife photographer, all that wrippin really kills the great photo as you dig through all those images you have to delete afterwards! I understand all to well the excitement of seeing that gorgeous subject that you’ve never photographed it before and you just start clicking. I seen that happen with every subject on the plant by excited photographers and that’s just damn cool! That excitement will take you photography a long ways down the road! The problem with it though is it instills really bad photographic habits! Be vary, vary picky. Go into what I call sniper mode, get the one shot! The top photograph is the first picture I took when we came...

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on Jan 24, 2013 in Landscape Photography

Can Small Work?

In the spring in FL, there is a species I seek out, the Double-crested Cormorant. A species that normally is about as ugly as the bird world has to offer up, comes to life in the breeding season. It’s plumage and especially the flesh around the male’s eye just ballistic with great colors even if just in the shades of black and blue. At the same time, it’s a Double-crested Cormorant! When you have though a basic color overall with a splash of color contrast and you use focus to select it, you can have your cake and eat it too. Shooting still with the D4 with 600VR2 with TC-20e3, this male on a lone perch could be optically selected and then it’s start of breeding plumage to the rest. Then with a dabble of light kissed it, well, it was a good afternoon to stand and watch the...

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on Jan 24, 2013 in Landscape Photography

Not Really a Wire Guy but…

Birds on a wire, it’s just never been my thing. There is nothing wrong with it, it’s just as you know, I’m picky about perches and wire just doesn’t cut it. With that said, when you have an opportunity, do you pass it up just because you’re picky? In this case, this sweet Broad-winged Hawk was having a great time harassing the ibis at a rookery. No way it would take one, it just seemed like it was flying about making them flush just because it could. I watched it with a huge smile. Then it landed on this wire. I’d not photographed a Broad-winged for a long time, since film days! So when I have an opportunity to update my digital files with a new species, I’m off to the races! Sadly, the hawk loved wires for perches so that was my only option. Using the D4 with 600VR2 with TC-20e3 I walked around so the light was on my back to get a shot. The little guy...

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