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on Jan 2, 2013 in WRP Ed Zone

New Year’s Resolution – Sharper Images?


“How do I get sharper images?” A question I’m constantly asked. There is a lot that goes into getting a sharper images, especially of a moving subject. You will find right here on the site videos on proper handholding and panning, and they are essential. But what’s even more important is once you have these techniques down so well they are second nature, that you practice them ever day! That’s right, practice every day. You don’t have to put much time into it, just a few minutes but that’s enough to make a difference in your photography. When it comes my favorite subject for practicing, gulls like this Laughing Gull are it. They have erratic flight paths which keep your reactions sharp. Shooting with a simple rig, D4 / 300f4AFS, simply going out and making a few clicks is all it takes to keeping sharp on panning (get the pun?). Don’t have gulls in your backyard? How about a dog, cars driving by, bicycles on a run, kids avoiding homework? There are plenty of moving targets that you can train on for a couple of minutes of keeping the technique fluid is all it takes!