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on Jan 22, 2013 in Landscape Photography

It’s a Time Thing



No, neither of these are a great photo. The bottom one is better than the top but that’s because I just gave the earth a little time to spin. Wildlife photography is this funny thing, many look for that great shot. This is understandable. Perhaps because I’m getting old, I’m looking for that great moment that if I’m lucky I can turn into a good photograph. Those great moments more important then the photograph. The only way I know of doing this is with time. This Great Horned Owl nest at Fort DeSoto is an example of this. The top photo, light is hard taking the eye totally away from the incubating owl. Two hours later, the light is just kissing the owl, the light on the trees framing it. Neither image by itself means much. But when you take this information and add to it what will happen with time, the hatching of the eggs, then the branchling stage, and this knowledge of the light on the trees, it is essential if seeking that great moment. So that great moment might not happen the moment you’re there. The great photo neither. But you put in your time and the odds start to add up in your favor and with that, you can create that great moment and if really lucky, that photo to express that pursuit!