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on Jan 22, 2013 in Wildlife Photography

It’s Winter – FL TIME!!!


I really have a thing for shorebirds and one of my favorite places to go to fulfill this love affair are the beaches of SW FL. Lying on the sands this morning shooting, it reminded me of just how sweet this pursuit really is. It really is easy to do. You grab yourself a panning plate, attach a D4 with 600VR2 and let the birds comes to you! I might be making it sound over simplistic, but that’s really all I do. If for no other reason, once I’m laying down flat on the sand, I simply don’t wanna move. It feels soooo good!/p>

Why go down flat? This Red Knot is a good example, it’s all about the background. I want this smaller, plain (winter plumage) lookin bird kinda just blends in when you shoot down on it from eyelevel. One of the goals of our photography is to make the uncommon out of the common. A simple way to accomplish this is simply getting down on their level and making them pop by removing the background. Then you add to this with a great color, in this case being careful to get only the blue in the background. Then you finish it off with gesture. Is this planned? In every way. Does the plan fall through? In every way. That’s the very nature of wildlife photography and why I love it so!