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on Jan 23, 2013 in Landscape Photography

The UnCommon Challenge Another Way

Another way to win the uncommon challenge is knowing a little bit about your subject and waiting for the uncommon to appear in your viewfinder. Here a Royal Tern is busy preening and in that process will eventual get to the last two shots. To make this happen, you first get the physical distance you need to get to get the image size you want. Next, you look at the position of the subject in the frame leaving room for the hoped behavior to occur and not get clipped by the frame. Finally, watch for the behavior and when you see it coming, lay on the hammer and file some frames. The love the last two frames and that’s what I was after. The soft light, the white, black and orange and the shape of that bill all make what I love about Royal Terns. So another way to win the uncommon challenge is not only knowing your subject, but having a passion for...

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on Jan 23, 2013 in Landscape Photography

A Great Bird…but….

The Snowy Egret is a great bird, gorgeous and thankfully for new wildlife photographers, the perfect patient subject. It is also a dirt common bird across North America. These factors all add up to making this gorgeous bird very common seen in photographs by the thousands. Does this mean you stop shooting it? Quite the contrary, you shoot it more! Why? It’s a challenge, an exercise a reward to get the shot of the common in an uncommon way. Do you always win this challenge? Hell no! Does it take much to win this challenge? Hell no! A couple of ripples reflecting the morning sun, a drip of water off the bill hitting the reflection of the bill in the water and you’re on your way. No, not a winner in the overall sense of the word, it is in the challenge of taking the common and making it uncommon. It’s essential training in the wildlife photography...

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on Jan 22, 2013 in Landscape Photography

It’s a Time Thing

No, neither of these are a great photo. The bottom one is better than the top but that’s because I just gave the earth a little time to spin. Wildlife photography is this funny thing, many look for that great shot. This is understandable. Perhaps because I’m getting old, I’m looking for that great moment that if I’m lucky I can turn into a good photograph. Those great moments more important then the photograph. The only way I know of doing this is with time. This Great Horned Owl nest at Fort DeSoto is an example of this. The top photo, light is hard taking the eye totally away from the incubating owl. Two hours later, the light is just kissing the owl, the light on the trees framing it. Neither image by itself means much. But when you take this information and add to it what will happen with time, the hatching of the eggs, then the branchling stage, and this knowledge of the light on the trees,...

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on Jan 22, 2013 in Wildlife Photography

It’s Winter – FL TIME!!!

I really have a thing for shorebirds and one of my favorite places to go to fulfill this love affair are the beaches of SW FL. Lying on the sands this morning shooting, it reminded me of just how sweet this pursuit really is. It really is easy to do. You grab yourself a panning plate, attach a D4 with 600VR2 and let the birds comes to you! I might be making it sound over simplistic, but that’s really all I do. If for no other reason, once I’m laying down flat on the sand, I simply don’t wanna move. It feels soooo good!/p> Why go down flat? This Red Knot is a good example, it’s all about the background. I want this smaller, plain (winter plumage) lookin bird kinda just blends in when you shoot down on it from eyelevel. One of the goals of our photography is to make the uncommon out of the common. A simple way to accomplish this is simply getting down on their...

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on Jan 16, 2013 in Moose's Camera Bag

It’s a Gear Thing!

The video is almost a year old, amazing how times flys. Also how sometimes gear comes and go and sometimes stays the same. It’s a two hour video and it covers my thoughts about gear purtty darn well. You got the time, I think there might be something in there for...

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