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on Feb 28, 2013 in Aviation

Hero Goes West

Major Thomas Griffin past away 26 February, one of the remaining five Doolittle Radiers. While I only meet him twice, it was a pleasure to spend just a little time with the gentleman. If you’re not aware of this national hero (though doubt he thought himself as such), I highly recommend you take the time to find out. He was a very important part of our history. Safe flight West Major! The above photo taken at 70th Doolittle Radier Reunion, 2012...

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on Feb 28, 2013 in Landscape Photography

How Much Light do You Need?

Have you ever noticed how moths can find even the smallest drop of light in the night? Ever wonder how they do that (or why?)? I do especially when they are buzzing about bugging me. But I don’t really think we’re much different, other than we don’t have wings. We seem to gravitate to light just like moths, but I think at times we miss the smallest, simplest light in favor of the big, bright light. This past week in Grand Canyon, I once again thought about how much light we really need? I’m not talking exposure here, don’t want to step on that land mind. Rather, I’m talking about in the overall scheme of our image, how much of the scene, subject, story needs to have light on it? Can we make do with the smallest possible amount and still have a successful photograph? I want to propose that ya, we can be successful with the smallest amount of area lit. Why? With the mind’s eye going to...

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on Feb 27, 2013 in Field Reports

BTJ vol16.2 – Special Content!

We’ve had a few inquires when the next issue of the BT Journal would be released. Well, we were waiting for the announcement of the D7100 and then permission to tell my story. It came today so I’m madly working on it. The story on the D7100 will include a full users report along with the stories behind shooting the campaign for the D7100. Sorry for the delay but we think this expanded coverage (longer than normal digital version) and special content will make up for...

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on Feb 26, 2013 in Landscape Photography

Can One Click Tell the Story?

So, have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? If you have, then what you see here probably looks familiar. Why? Because the rocks haven’t changed for a while, what we’re seeing has been around long before us and our cameras. As a matter of fact, it really begs the question, can we take a photo of the Grand Canyon that hasn’t been taken before? The answer is of course but more importantly, it’s a new photograph to us and that’s what really matters. With then in mind, the Grand Canyon is totally new but we of course want to do better than we’ve seen. This means you gotta simple put yourself in front of something interesting. That’s where light comes in! Above is a click taken during the one hour prior sunset on our first day of our K&M Adventure – Grand Canyon. You can see the moment as you watch the Time Lapse created using the Time Lapse feature in the D800 and 24f1.4AFS. With the thousands...

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