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on Feb 6, 2013 in Camera Tech

Lexar’s 1100x XQD

_BMP1640 as Smart Object-1

Another XQD card…why? One of the off beat “things” about the D4 is its two form factor card slots, one being the comfortable CF and the other, brand new XQD. Why? Why mess with what we know works? The bottomline is speed, the CF has reached just about the fastest it’s going to get (1000x). And as we all know, photographers want speed! Another big issue are the pins that the CF cards connect to inside the camera body. If you’re not a company like Nikon or Lexar that sees all the problems bent pins brings, you wouldn’t undertand it’s a design that has seen its day. This among a bunch of other reasons is why XQD is here. Bigger in size of SD, smaller than CF, no pins with potential incredible speed, the new form factor was incorporated into the D4. And there must be more coming because now Lexar has introduced their 1100x XQD card. I am often asked if I use the XQD slot. You bet! On the D4, it is the video slot and for stills, it’s the overflow slot. Is the Lexar 1100x really faster than the Sony 1000x? It is by a heartbeat so why buy it? Lexar stands behind their product! I’ve had so many folks tell me their card went corrupt and they sent it back to Lexar who recovered the images and returned a new card. That’s just pretty damn impressive and why I use Lexar. The new XQD does a great job, been shooting it for a month, retiring the Sony that came with the D4.