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on Feb 6, 2013 in Camera Tech

Do Readers Matter?


If you’re like me, you don’t think they make any difference. We’re wrong! My good friend Brad text not to long ago asking me is I had had any issues shooting the Lexar 1000x in the D4. I said I hadn’t. He went on the tell me he just did for a shoot. When I saw him last, I asked how it all turned out. He said he sent his card to Lexar who returned all his images recovered and a new card. I asked if they said what had happened? They said it was the old firewire reader he used. I couldn’t understand how that could be. I do remember all the USB3 firmware updates for readers but never thought much about it. Doing some research in the matter, I can to learn that the reader does make a difference. In simple layman terms, the only way I can understand it, there is a controller in the reader and a controller in the card. They have to handshake many times during the transfer process and if you’re using an old or cheap controller (reader) with a new, fast controller (card), than it is more than likely they will at some point have an issue handshaking so files get scrambled on the upload. The bottomline, if you’re running new, fast cards, best have USB3 fast readers! I’m running the Lexar USB3 & XQD readers and knock on wood, never had an issue. And that’s your reader trivia for the day.