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on Feb 6, 2013 in Landscape Photography

The Impossible is Very Possible with Heart


Which came first, the pixel or the chicken? Personally, I think it was the heart! I’m of the opinion that when you follow your heart and not your head in photography, things tend to turn out better more often. No, the photograph will not always be perfect but often, that’s not really the point. Perserving the memory is often all that’s required, and that’s all about heart. At the same time, we photographers want to put our best foot forward in the process. It’s just what makes us tick. And this is often where things collide!

DLCORCL0767 as Smart Object-1

The top photo is a single click made with the D4 and 18AF. To get there from the bottom picture which is the image straight from the camera, all I had to do was a couple of things. First, stand as tall as possible at a distance so the lighthouse isn’t tipping over. Next, wait for the clouds to partially obscure the sun. I know I’m not going to hold the detail and that’s just fine. Lastly, I had to know what I could do in post. The majority of the finishing was done in ACR which, after running my basic preset, I took the Shadow slider right, highlight slider left and clicked Open. I then selected just the sky and ran Nik’s Color Efex Pro 4 Detail Extractor on the sky. And with that, I was done so all I had to do was go click and then hit the digital darkroom and finish. Na, not the greatest but then not bad for shooting in the sun as we ran to the car. All of this and more is possible with heart!