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on Feb 11, 2013 in Landscape Photography

Where’s Moose & the Blog


“Where’s the blog, you OK?” has been a common email the last month. This has been in response to many days where there simply was no blog. You might remember a while back (nearly 2 yrs ago) I said I was going to challenge myself by posting five days a week, multiple posts a day to see how that would effect my basic daily activities. I can tell you honestly, it greatly impacts it since blog posts take time, especially since the majority of the time, it’s new image content. Well when the year flipped over to 2013, I looked at my goals and the blog which was at the top, went to the bottom. The reason is many the biggest being I’ve decided to shoot more than ever (filed over 3TB in 2013 so far). I’ve also taken on other projects that simply are more important to me than blogging like a madman. Now I’m not going to stop blogging and those days when I can do what I’ve been doing, multiple posts will go up. But there will simply be days when there is no new post and you’ll have to satisfy yourself with the nearly 3500 pages already present. I want to thank you loyal few who keep dropping by and write and will continue to help you the best I can through the blog.

What you see here is the eastern view from Dante’s View this morning in Death Valley. Just concluded a great week with some great photographers! They were up for any challenge including this morning with below freezing temps a giant breeze to make some gorgeous images. This is a simple click taken with the D4 and 24-70AFS with +.3 exp comp to pull the detail. The light is doing all the heavy lifting for me, I just had to frame it and go click. I like that kind of photography.