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on Feb 12, 2013 in Landscape Photography

The Motordrive & The Background


Photography is a mixture of so many elements, most can easily site off the technical. While important, my mind when the eye is to the viewfinder goes to the subtle. Little details which get overshadowed by the technical I find more challenging and the little elements that separate a photo from a keeper to a favorite to one I want to share. When you consider that you often have less than a second to grap someone’s visual attention with your photograph, favoring towards the mind’s eye often gains you a longer glance and time with your photo. I’m greedy, I want all the time I can earn which is just one of many reasons I shoot with the D4.


This series of an American Osytercatcher photographed down at Fort DeSoto a few weeks ago is an example of what I’m talking about. Using a panning plate, attach a D4 with 600VR2 with TC-14e attached, I laid on the sand waiting. The Oystercatcher doesn’t really like to be approached by will approach you. With that, you don’t have complete control, the Oystercatcher picking the place for its portrait. When this Oystercatcher strolled up for its session, I waited for the pose and then laid on the hammer.


What am I mumbling about? If you look closely at the 3 images, you will see a very slight difference in the background any body gesture. It is very slight but I was able to capture it by letting the motordrive rip. The difference in the wave, leg and head though is what I seek but seeing it and hitting the button at times just isn’t possible so I let the motordrive make it happen. Then, back at the Mac Retina I look for that moment as I go through the images. In the end, it’s just the one, single image that goes out. In this case, it’s the bottom image that I like the best. It’s a really small detail, very subtle but that’s what I’m lookin for to grab just a few more moments of your visual attention.