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on Feb 13, 2013 in WRP Ed Zone

Photoshop World Napp Safari Precon


You knew it had to happen, they’ve separated me & Joe at the Safari so we’re both doing different events. Many have emailed and asked what I was going to do so thought I’d take a moment and tell ya (yeap, no surprise this time, first change). We’ll start in the class room going over some basics like camera settings and handholding techniques. Then we’ll look at some images and talk about how exposure, composition, lens selection and where you place yourself all effect YOUR photographic message. I’ll provide you ideas for our afternoon shoot and unlike anyother Precon I’ve taught, I’ll take you into the digital darkroom for finishing. At about that time, we’ll get on the bus and head out to your shoot. We’re returning to the over the top popular Precon to Fantasy of Flight. Ya, there will be planes, details, HDR and much more to photograph but to bring a special note to the event, I’m bringing along some special friends.


Skip and his reinactors will be our models for the WHOLE time! This troop of actors are great and will make the experience so much fun and photographically rewarding, it’s hard to express until you participate. I’ve worked with these aviation reinactors many times and every time, they blow me out of the water and overshadow my presence with their antics. Working with the NAPP Staff, we have planned a great day for education and entertainment for you. We have a smaller group of photographer, bigger group of assistants and more models so we’ve stacked the deck in your favor. I look forward to shooting with you on the flight deck!