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on Mar 28, 2013 in Landscape Photography

All Alone to Brave the Cold

I checked in my room in MN and instantly went to window to see the view. Right out my window is this lone tree. Don’t know what it intrigued me but of the next two hours, I kept looking out, shooting it and watching. Shooting with the D4 and 80-400 at around 105mm, I made a series I really like. Here’s the middle and end of the show I enjoyed out my...

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on Mar 28, 2013 in WRP Ed Zone

2 MORE Scholarships Added to WRP Spring Workshops!

We had another very generous benefactor call our office today making available TWO MORE scholarships for our spring workshop. The first scholarships were awarded today so we have a total of 3 remaining for: Photoshop for Shooters – Mammoth Lakes, CA April 27-28 Mono Lake – Mammoth Lakes, CA May 17-19 Short Lens Course – Mammoth Lakes, CA 22-23 June Photo Bi$ – Mammoth Lakes, CA 13-14 July These scholarships are for folks who want to attend one of these classes but because of life, don’t have the extra cash to pay tuition. If this describes you and you want to be one of the three to receive this scholarship, this is what you’ve gotta do. Send an email to me and in one paragraph or less, say why you should receive the scholarship. Include in the email which class, your paragraph and a phone number we can reach you at. Sharon & I want to publicly thank our new benefactor for making it possible for folks dreams of...

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on Mar 28, 2013 in Gear Just Introed!

The Nikon 80-400AFS

B&H got into my hands the new 80-400AFS just prior to my leaving (again) and I’m so glad they did! I was always a fan of the original 80-400, the sharpness, not its focusing speed. The flexibility this lens with its focal length range demanded that I get the new one and test it. So on my drive around MN today, I gave it a quick, initial test drive and first opinion is, damn, schweet! The lens is not inexpensive but I think you more than get your money’s worth. The one big issue with the original was its focusing speed and that was the first thing I wanted to test drive. In MN, it wasn’t hard to find something moving by really fast. There isn’t an inch of snow here without sled tracks! Well, shooting with the D4, the 80-400 had NO problem locking on, staying locked on and delivering sharp images frame after frame. Now this is not a conclusive test of its focusing speed, but I...

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on Mar 27, 2013 in Landscape Photography

Not Listening to My Own Advice, Again

Blurry water has always done right by me, it’s a challenge that when met produces images that simply make me smile. At the same time to be perfectly crase, they sell like hot cakes. So when the spirit strikes, I’m all over them and spring time is a great time when you have the winter run off. And when I have the opportunity to shoot straight down on water from like a bridge, I’m like a blood hound looking for that great water, like here in Yosemite a couple of weeks ago. Now I have a basica formula for creating those that I like. It’s pretty simple, here’s my formula. One thing I should add to that formula, there has to be at least one sharp element of the photograph. Typically, it’s just a rock. The eye needs that one sharp element to latch onto and make sense of all the out of focus elements in the flowing water. Here’s an example of when I didn’t follow my own...

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