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on Mar 28, 2013 in WRP Ed Zone

2 MORE Scholarships Added to WRP Spring Workshops!

Mammoth Flats 0056

We had another very generous benefactor call our office today making available TWO MORE scholarships for our spring workshop. The first scholarships were awarded today so we have a total of 3 remaining for:

Photoshop for Shooters – Mammoth Lakes, CA April 27-28
Mono Lake – Mammoth Lakes, CA May 17-19
Short Lens Course – Mammoth Lakes, CA 22-23 June
Photo Bi$ – Mammoth Lakes, CA 13-14 July

These scholarships are for folks who want to attend one of these classes but because of life, don’t have the extra cash to pay tuition. If this describes you and you want to be one of the three to receive this scholarship, this is what you’ve gotta do. Send an email to me and in one paragraph or less, say why you should receive the scholarship. Include in the email which class, your paragraph and a phone number we can reach you at. Sharon & I want to publicly thank our new benefactor for making it possible for folks dreams of photography to come true!