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on May 1, 2013 in Field Reports

New Cintiq 22HD

Darren Higgins specializes in portraiture and commercial product photography.

My name is Moose….I’m addicted to Cintiqs!
Wacom just keeps bringing out killer new tools to speed up our workflow and increase the quality of our post production. Just announced today is their new Cintiq 22HD, the little brother to the Cintiq 24HD that I have sitting on my desk. Here’s the scoop …

By combining multi-touch with our renowned pen technology, the new Cintiq 22HD touch offers professional artists and designers an immersive on-screen experience and a more natural and intuitive way to work. Multi-touch will continue to be an important input method moving forward and creative software applications are embracing multi-touch and making it an important interface for professional creators of digital content. When multi-touch and pen input are used together on the Cintiq 22HD touch, creative control, comfort and productivity are greatly enhanced, thanks to both hands being able to work in concert. Wacom and its software partners keep pushing the envelope by offering a digital workflow that emulates a traditional media experience that helps to keep the content creation industry moving forward.