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on May 13, 2013 in Aviation

Move ‘Em Out!


There were some GREAT reinactors at the Planes of Fame airshow, we’d heard about the German officer the day before so when I walked over with Steve on Sunday morning, I found him. He had a great uniform and presense and because of Steve, I had a few minutes to get shots of him in front of the Focke-Wulf Fw190. I had the same gear still, D4 with either the 80-400AFS or 18-35AFS. He was in demand and was being pulled every which way. So I waited until our eyes meet and when they did, the first thing I did was pull him out from the Fw190.


As always, you gotta ask yourself, “What’s the subject?” For me, it was the office and not the aircraft. The Fw190 is the background and the rest of the story to the portrait of the officer. So shooting with the 18-35, you can see in the top shot what he looks like next to the aircraft and in the second shot, what he looks like pulled away 15′ from the Focke-Wulf. He has an excellent lear that really comes across well on film.


Just for comparison, this image was taken with the 80-400AFS when he was against the Fw-190. You can still make good images with the pilot/model near the aircraft but the story telling completely changes. The subject isn’t so much the pilot but the moment. Now as always when I do this, and I am getting better at grabbing strangers and asking them to perform for the camera, when I get done I give them my business card and I take care of them with images. They add so much to a photograph and to the photographic experience at airshows. And, they are simply fun to be with!