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on May 21, 2013 in Digital Darkroom, Just Out!

ioSafe N2 NAS blazes!


Oh my, the N2 is one sa-weet NAS! There are many NAS units on the market, why ioSafe? It is the only water and fireproof unit you’re going to find that comes with a guarantee. If that doesn’t get you attention how about this. The N2 is powered by a Synology DSM motherboard and operating system. It allows for fast (and we’re talking FAST!) access on your local network and remote access from nearly any device connected to the internet – all secured and protected by you. This NAS/RAID can be either 2, 4, 6 or 8TB and it can be upgraded with time by you, just plug and go! And I’m just getting started on features and a matter a fact, there are so many features I don’t have space to list them all. They are extensive so click here to read them all. Now you might be wondering where the photo of my N2 is. Well, it’s under my desk working away as all, ALL of my video archive are being transfered. Running on the iMac (a switch required), the N2 is so fast I can edit video residing on it. This is an amazing unit that does so much more than safely store data. It’s a winner!