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on May 23, 2013 in Great Stuff

Red River Pecos Notecards


I needed to create some notecards for a client, so off to research I went. Now I needed real notecards, not the kind I make for myself as simple notes, a piece of Enhance Matt folded in half. There is really only one player and when I saw the quality, I can see why. I went with Red River’s 96lbs Pecos Notecard stock and man, does it rock! Red River makes it real simple, providing Photoshop templates, printer tips (they were dead on on how to print with the Epson 4900) and even the envelopes. The final product looked and felt VERY expensive and that’s what I was shooting for. So, wanna do notecards yourself, Red River is top shelf all the way!

On a side note, I wanted the lighting on the product shot to look like it’s window light even though I shot it with the Profoto Acute 2400. I’m very pleased with the results!