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on May 23, 2013 in Field Reports

Short Lens Wildlife Course – 2 Free Seats Available!

Allen Hummer 0169

Yeap, we have TWO Free seats available for our upcoming Short Lens Wildlife Course made possible by the generosity of our two workshop patrons. We are more than aware that most don’t have a 800m, 600mm, or even a 500mm but want to be successful in wildlife photography. For the first 6yrs of my career, I didn’t have a big lens either yet as I write in my book Captured, many of the techniques I use today came from those first six years. It’s these techniques and a whole lot more we go cover in great depth in the class. Many remember Alvin, the Allen’s Hummingbird (not shown up yet this year) that lit up the airwaves. This shot was taken with a simple 300mm lens, a focal length most have today in their zooms and putting them right in the thick of wildlife photography. So, send an email to ME with why you should receive the scholarship to the Course and what you’ll do with what you learn, and we’ll put YOU in that seat!