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on Jun 7, 2013 in Wildlife Photography

Caught in the Act


Left the house at 05:15 to spend some time down at the river. Being near the base of 10,000 foot peaks, it takes a little while for the sun to actually kiss the river. I went early because you just never know what might be around. This morning, I was greeted by a very small group of White Pelicans. Now they are a shy bunch this time of year, nesting seems to just put them on edge. I knew that on the flats where you can see a Lady Bug approach, there would be no “sneaking” up on them. So as the motto goes, “Go out without your longest lens, you’ll comeback short!” I headed out with my stand bird rig: Gitzo 5561SGT w/ Wimberley Head(w/ RRS Quick Release mount attached) is the Nikon 800f5.6 AFS (w/TC800-25e) and D4 with Di-GPS.


I had just gotten everything set up and closed the door of the truck when I made the first shot. Their expression made me feel like I’d caught them in the act…the act of what I’ll leave to your imagination. With the “cool” predawn color I shot in AWB because I wanted that blueish cast to their white plumes and knew the color contrast of their bills (male has the “bump”) against the green of the river bank, you couldn’t help but see them in the frame. I then walked perhaps 10-15′ and put the rig down because I could see they were uncomfortable with my approach. I made than made a serious of second shots and than they lowered into the river and let its flow take them down around the bend and away from me. I didn’t push them, I let them float down and away before finishing my approach and actual target species for the morning. But it was cool to be rewarded again for getting up early and on site. Nature, she’s cool! mtc