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on Jun 7, 2013 in Camera Tech

The 800mm & 2x … Sharp?

Merlin 0755

You bet your sweet hinny it’s sharp! But here’s the rub, if your long lens technique is not spot on, the TC-20eIII (2x) will magnify your lack of technique. In another words, you won’t get a sharp image. The 800AFS comes with its own dedicated teleconverter (as did the 600mm back in the 80’s, what we now call the TC-14e) the TC800-25e producing a blistering sharp 1000f7.1. When you add the TC-20EIII to the 800mm you’re at 1600 f/11 and at f/11, AF operation except on bright days with the center AF sensor is not possible. So between the focal length and manually focusing, you’d best have great long lens technique to get that sharp image. On a side note, we tried the TC800-25e on a 600VR2 and it would not attach. We did not try to force it, seemed unwise out on the tundra. This Merlin falcon was shot with the 800 / 2x combo and the 24×30 print looks gorgeous!