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on Jun 13, 2013 in Aviation

Going After that 1st Experience


Be it a new species, new location or new aircraft, if it’s new to me and I want it in my files, I don’t stop until I get the shot for that moment that satisfies that desire. I saw and got a couple of clicks of this F8F Bearcat a couple of years back, just enough to be very intrigued. Its paint job representing the historic first Blue Angels really caught my imagination. So when it came in yesterday to Stead at PRS, I never really lost sight of it. Now how do you cover such an aircraft? In the perfect world with lots of time, money and contacts, you would in every conceivable way but such is not the case for me right now. My only option at the moment are statics – parked on the ground. So then to make the shots, you gotta look for the light to make the difference because the aircraft itself ain’t changing. I started by going after the “drama” that sunrise can bring.


Now don’t get me wrong, the sunrise was pretty but shooting into a bunch of pretty colors with a Bearcat isn’t much of a challenge in creating an eye catching photo. It’s a good start, but I crave more. So shooting with the D4 / 80-400 I went for my classic “ass shot.” The light had already begun to shift and the skies were totally bald looking to the west but I shot it anyways. And personally when I look at the two, it’s the bottom image I’m more drawn to and one that would go into the profolio and the top one into the slideshow. Both are simply starts on the file of images I hope to create on just this particular aircraft but’s how I prefer to tackle the “new” until it becomes “old.” And for a subject to get “old” for me might just take a decade or two so the pursuit is on, the challenge before me and the best images are still to come. So tomorrow I’ll be out at 05:00 looking for them, again!