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on Jun 17, 2013 in Aviation

Do You See a Halo?


There are times when I think I read things into a photograph that only I see. This is not a good thing because when it comes to communicating, you want to reach as many as possible. We must realize that we won’t reach everyone, that’s how it goes. But when we have a message we want to reach everyone and it only means something to us, our photograph falls right on its face. Take this one for example, what I think is a real stretch. The name on the F8F Bearcat reads Blue Angels and if you look at the shape of the cloud over the plane, you might, might see a halo. And if you have an over active imagination such as myself, you might connect the two, Blue Angel and halo. But the odds of someone just seeing that without this long explanation, slim to none. That’s one thing we gotta watch for in our photographs if we want to be successful and visually communicating.