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on Jun 18, 2013 in Camera Tech, Moose's Camera Bag

Don’t Take My Word For It


I’ve been ranting and raving about the “new” 18-35AFS for a couple of months. It’s just a freakin great lens! But here’s some more proof. DxOMark tests show it’s amazing…they go on to say
With the price close to the Tokina, this new Nikon’s ‘moderate to slow’ variable aperture, all-plastic construction and lack of an aperture collar may all be viewed as shortcomings. Looking on the up-side, the material choice means the lens weighs just 385g and yet, even after adopting a large 77mm filter size, it somehow retains relatively compact dimensions making it highly portable. As for the optical quality, it’s first class and will no doubt be a good match for the inevitable high-resolution bodies that must surely exist on the drawing boards of Nikon facilities in Tokyo and Sendai.” I’ve had clients marvel at how sharp the prints are coming from the 18-35AFS, I’m totally sold on this baby!