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on Jun 19, 2013 in Digital Darkroom

Adobe’s CC – A Couple of Thoughts


Ever since Adobe announced their Creative Cloud (CC) “updates” to the Creative Suite/Photoshop, I have had more than one email asking, …”WTF!” I’ll be the first admit that the roll out of this was not really, honestly done all that well (I know, understatement). I feel like I’m walking on eggshells writing this so bare with me. The first question I think YOU must ask yourself is, “Is this update what I need?” Having been fortunate to work with CC for awhile, I can honestly say that for my personal workflow it most definitely is. Why? It simply is faster, faster in performance and faster with features I need. Just the amazing updates to ACR are worth the price of admission in my book. This might not be the case for you. How do you determine if it is, do the 30day free trail and find out. Yes, you still download the software and load it on YOUR computer to use it. And here’s the next thing to ponder over…the money part.

I remember the first time I downloaded software to install it, I didn’t have a Cd, it came from…the “cloud.” You know, as a person who loves to photograph clouds, I really don’t like this “Cloud” thing and wish they would call it what it is! Side tracked….Not “owning” the software on a Cd in case of problems, updates, new computers took me a while to get over. I’m over it. Now there is this “renting / buying” software, truly not the traditional model. Is it good or bad, I think it’s a little of both but with the miserable way it was introduced to us, who’s to know right from the start. And from lack of knowledge comes fear and from fear, anger which I totally understand. The decision for WRP was rather straight forward. We’re a business where the owner (that’s me) wants to be behind the camera and not the computer. Anything that speeds up that process (like the announced new Mac desktop) simply can’t be ignored. Does it cost money? Last I looked, only the air we breath is free (thanks all you vets!) so poneying up to the bar is, well, a way of life. Is not “owning” the software a deal breaker? Is Adobe charging too much? Is the update worth the money? All are very VALID questions you have to answer for yourself. My very first photographic instructor gave me words of advice I turn to at times like this. Photography is expensive, it tugs at your wallet and fills your heart at every turn!