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on Jun 20, 2013 in WRP Ed Zone

Editorial Market – My New Class at PSW


I’m here madly getting the class notes written for the Photoshop World Workbook for the addition of my new class, Breaking In and Making It in the Editorial Market. I’ve been called, “Mr Prolific” for a reason, I live in and love the editorial market place. It’s change A LOT in my three decades but the goal is still the same, getting paid for telling stories. How do you do that, how do you break in and then continue to make it in a market place many see as fading away? Well, you’d best come if you’d like to hear how WRP is doing it. Oh, I’m still teaching my Critter & Aviation class (which will be all new from the Spring PSW), I just wanted to support the new Business track at PSW and hopefully inspire more of you to getting into what I still feel is the best profession on the plant. Cya there!

Note: One of the photos on this page was shot with a Coolpix 900 and as you can see, it made it to print. YOU can do it too!