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on Jun 26, 2013 in Landscape Photography

Ah, Back to the Shooting Gallery


Well life has finally landed be back in home, for more than a day. So the first order of business was to get the shooting gallery all up to snuf. This meant doing two things, get out my big stick and break off all the little sticks (Kelby Training style) so I have my clean foregrounds/backgrounds. That took a little while and with the addition of the 800mm to the shooting gallery, a little deeper pruning. Once that was done, time to get back behind the camera.


Since I hadn’t done any serious gallery shooting at the office with the 800mm, I set it up first on my woodpecker post. I didn’t take time to set up lights, I just wanted to get back into the swing of the critters. Spring has sprung and there are kids about so parents are real busy. First up to bat is the Red-shafted Flicker which came in to say hello. Next was on of the new Hairy Woodpecker chicks that just fledged from the nest in the front yard last weekend. I took a couple of shots of it and than slowly walked up to it. I was about three feet away when I stopped. It just watched me, begged when dad landed, got fed by dad and than flew off with dad. Dad came in to the food with me there because I did the same thing with him when he was young. It was a good morning to be back in the shooting gallery. I got an idea for a new feeder so I started to gather the materials for that idea. Fun in the backyard, life is good.