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on Jun 26, 2013 in Landscape Photography

Making that Common, UnCommon


The extra reach of the 800mm got my mind to thinking. Heading to another window in the office, I stood, watched, thought and acted on making that view a shooting gallery just for the 800mm. So, I got out the big stick again and went back to pruning Kelby Training style quickly making a great path for shooting. I no sooner got cleaned up and back in the office and behind the D4 and a good lookin Cassin’s Finch landed right I had just cleared out a bunch of sticks.


I’m shooting with the straight 800mm and as you can see, got a great image size. Being spring, the male’s have a nice glow to the head and breast and this was a pretty good lookin male, so I spent some time with it. The best part was there was a little kiss of light filtering through the pine boughs. I was very pleased that so quickly the new shooting gallery was producing.


Now the Cassin’s Finch is a real, dirt common species, nothing special. So the goal as always was to make the uncommon out of the common. I didn’t get there this first attempt but with a start like this, I have high hopes. It was just great to be back with my friends and being able to share them with you.