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on Jun 28, 2013 in Landscape Photography

Big Moon or Big Blah?




Have I ever told you, I really hate bald skies! But what is one to do when you have bald skies? Gotta make lemonade as I see it. So with all the annual hoopla over the “big moon” I thought I would make the sun into the moon. How? Shoot right at it, closing the aperture all the way down and underexpose. Then went to a landscape that would support that “moon” like feel leaving the viewer asking, “Is it the moon or the sun?” Shooting with the D4 with 16Fish attached, I did just that. Then in the DD, I used ACR to “straighten” out the Fish. The only real thought given to the image was the landscape, (Horseshoe Lake during the drought), the shoreline and placement of the sun. Won’t go on my wall but was fun and being about getting skunked behind the camera beats anything else I can think of!